Astoria Restaurant

Excellent cuisine, in an informal setting in Livigno (try our Chateaubriand with Bearnaise sauce!)

If you like the feeling of dining at "friends'", you must try out the atmosphere and cuisine at à la carte Ristorante Pizzeria Astoria, adjacent to the hotel and also open to non-residents.

Evenings are pleasant and scrumptious, in an informal setting, where you can enjoy excellent food and efficient service.

On the menu:

  • typical Valtellina dishes
  • pizza
  • cheese fondue and fondue Bourguignonne
  • home-made pasta
  • quality meat
  • a broad selection of Italian wines
  • vegetarian menus

If you suffer from food intolerance, please let our staff know - they will strive to make you happy!

Ristorante Astoria also proposes great drinks to sip at the lounge-bar: come round for an evening with your friends.

A great idea for completing your B&B holiday

With its highly flexible à la carte menu, Ristorante Astoria perfectly complements your holidays at our hotel. If you have not yet decided how to spend your next stay in Livigno, you could consider booking B&B accommodation (room and breakfast) and, if you wish, you can always call at the Ristorante Astoria at lunch and dinner, just paying for what you choose from the menu.