From late November to early May: all the pleasure of skiing in Livigno

Livigno is one of Europe's most popular destinations with Alpine skiing, freeride, snowboarding and cross-country skiing fans.

115 km slopes, distributed along the 2 faces of the Mottolino – Trepalle area and in the Carosello 3000 area, including 12 black, 37 red and 29 blue tracks, broadly meet everybody's requirements, from the most experienced skiers to beginners.

Excellent snow coverage and high skiability

Livigno's weather is ideal for skiing. Despite temperature may considerably fall, almost all slopes are on the sunny side, snow is excellent, and daytime is mild.

Thanks to remarkable altitude (slopes are located 1800 to nearly 3000 metres above sea level), snow coverage is much better than in other ski resorts, and you can usually start  skiing as early as in late November, stretching even up to early May!

Different skiing philosophies

If you are longing for an innovative and different way of skiing in Valtellina, then you must also try exciting night skiing, at piste 23, or sledding and snow tubing (piste 20 and 23).

At Carosello 3000, to which Hotel Astoria is really close, you can also try out intriguing freeride with “The Forest”, a new 100% natural facility for riders, with snow-clad wooden structures.

In addition, thanks to its ultra-popular Snowpark, Livigno has now become a sought-after snowboarding paradise.

Also cross-country skiing is really popular in Livigno, to such an extent that the local early December Sgambeda event is recognised by the Visma Ski Classics circuits.