Learn more about "snowshoe" hikes

One of the best ways for discovering nature and all the secrets it treasures, and for taking in its beauty, is to approach in on tiptoe. Or better, on gentle snowshoes.

Come and experience the intriguingly charming feeling of treading on fresh snow in the mountains, hear it breaking under your steps, but do it carefully, making sure you are not disturbing the dwellers of the woods.

If you go snowshoeing in Livigno or in the Parco Nazionale dello Stelvio national park, you might even be that lucky to encounter a steinbock, or other animals.

Guided and free snowshoeing

With your snowshoes (Drezola in Livigno's dialect) it is great to follow trails with a guide, but you can also go and choose your own way, all alone.

You must treat yourself to exciting night snowshoeing, to be previously agreed with the guides.

All you need is a waterproof jacket, one or two vests, waterproof trousers, trekking tights, walking boots and hat, and off you go! You can benefit from our special agreements with Livigno's shops and buy the technical equipment for your next snowshoe trek at duty-free prices.