Guided excursions to explore Livigno and the neighbourhood

Hotel Astoria is perfect if you want to go trekking in Livigno: in collaboration with our experienced Alpine guides we will give you the opportunity to discover extraordinary places and experience freedom and wellbeing, following the most impressive trekking itineraries and trails.

Nature trekking in Valtellina

There is nothing better than a day spent up in the mountains, exploring the secret Alpine nature.
We are ready to welcome you on your next trekking holiday in Alta Valtellina with easy trails halfway up the slopes, scenic routes, woods and meadows, gurgling streams, fresh waterfalls and, for the most adventurous, imposing frozen massifs, steep crests, and challengingly majestic heights.

Autumn is approaching, magic is in the air

Summer trekking in Livigno is always great yet, if you want something really special, you should try going just before autumn. The early morning dew, the crisp air, the fast-changing colours of the larches, the smell and scent of the woods make autumn the ideal season for fully enjoying the mountains.


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